Storing Wine Correctly

When you purchase wine you will need to provide a delivery address. If the wine is to be delivered to a UK address you will be charged VAT. If the wine is to remain in a bonded warehouse account you will not be charged VAT as it is exempt. Wine that is stored in bond has not had the VAT and import duty paid on them. They must be stored in an authorised bonded warehouse in order not to get charged VAT and import duty. The address of the bonded warehouse and your account code will need to be provided.

If you choose to have the wine delivered at a later date, you will be charged on the original sale price and not the current market value.
Cellaring the wine at the correct temperature and away from light is important. Fine wine kept in a kitchen or garage can be in a completely different condition to those stored correctly. A constant temperature from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius is ideal for a wine’s maturation.

Humidity can have a dramatic effect on wine and is one of the hardest things to control. Corks do not completely seal a bottle of wine and when laid down for long periods one should not expect the same amount of wine in the bottle, If the wines evaporating process is sped up.
Storing your wine in a warehouse independent of the wine merchant is recommendable. Your own personal account gives you the security to buy and sell to whoever you choose. You gain added security because your collection is insured independently of the wine merchant.
The cost of storing wine will differ from warehouse to warehouse. Some facilities will change on a basis of how many cases you store and others may charge a minimum yearly fee.

At Ideal Wine Company we believe that the cost of quality storage is an investment that pays for itself.