Bonded Delivery

Wine that is held in a bonded warehouse is exempt from VAT.

Wine that is sold in bond will usually be sold by the case (12 standard bottles), although this can differ from time to time.

A case of wine in its original wooden case will usually be more desirable. If you have a case of wine placed into your private bonded warehouse account and you wish to receive a condition report, your bonded warehouse will usually provide this service for a small fee. This charge can be as little as a few pounds. If you pay thousands of pounds for a case of wine then paying a few pounds for peace of mind may be worth it.

Delivery charges may apply if you require delivery to a different bonded warehouse. This charge is dependent on the warehouse location. If the wine available is held in the same warehouse as where you hold your account there will not be a delivery charge.

Wine sold in bond by Ideal Wine Company will have been previously purchased by us and held in our bonded warehouse account or be in transit to us. Ideal Wine Company does not act as a middle man brokering service, with the exemption of when we advertise wine for sale on behalf of our customers. When a customer wishes to sell their wine through Ideal wine company it will be advertised on our website (Bonded delivery page).

If you wish to find out more about any wines we currently hold in bond (VAT exempt), please contact us on 0203 409 9160 or e-mail us at