How many bottles are in a case of wine?

A standard case of wine will hold 12x75cl bottles. Some cases may hold less bottles with the same amount of overall liquid, for example a case of 6 magnums (150ml bottles) yields the same amount of drink. Some producers will offer half cases which contain 6 standard bottles. Your invoice should always state the volume of wine that you are purchasing.

Is the wine that I am buying the same as the picture on the website?

The pictures featured on our website are of our own stock. Due to stock being sold and replaced we cannot guarantee that the bottle/case you purchase is the exact bottle/case pictured. If you require a photo e-mailed of a specific wine you wish to purchase then we will try our best to achieve this for you.

What is “En Primeur”?

"En Primeur" is the process of buying wine while the vintage is still in a barrel (before it is bottled). A customer will not receive the wine until it has been bottled and distributed. For this reason, investing in en primeur can be very risky. It is always recommended when buying en primeur that you buy from the more established merchants. Ideal Wine Company Limited do not currently offer En Primeur Wine.

I am interested in wine as an investment, can you advise me on this?

Ideal Wine Company is not a financial institution, we do not claim to be qualified to give financial advice or make any promises about any future increases of a products price.

What qualifications/experience do the staff at Ideal Wine Company have?

All staff at Ideal Wine Company have either achieved or are studying for industry recognised qualifications. Please feel free to ask your contacts for their specific level of qualification.

What advice can you give me about capital gains tax on wine?

We would always recommend that you receive tax advice from a tax professional. This could be an accountant, a tax consultant or you can contact the Inland Revenue & Customs. Their website is: www.hmrc.gov.uk .

If my wine is stored in a bonded warehouse and I want to drink it, what do I do?

You would need to contact the warehouse where your wine is stored. They would charge you the VAT on your purchase price. There would also be a delivery charge. Delivery charges vary from warehouse to warehouse.